Monday, May 17, 2010

37 Weeks.

Today is considered full-term. At this point the baby is done developing and is just packing on the pounds!

How far along? 37 Weeks.

Total weight gain/loss: Total has been 32 lbs and I'm not eating much anymore

How Big is Baby?: Finally a watermelon.

Maternity clothes? I can still fit in a couple non maternity things.

Stretch marks? Of course.

Sleep: I'm lucky if I can get a solid 4 hours a couple 2 hour stints.

Best moment this week: My parents visiting. Filling the freezer for after baby.

Movement: Good movement...

Food cravings: Not many.

Gender: Still convinced it's a boy!

Labor Signs: Well I'm 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. Who knows how long I'll make it. I've got some strong contractions!

Belly Button in or out? Still hanging in.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting Baby H!

Weekly Wisdom: Put your feet up!

Milestones: Your full-term (yay!) baby is gaining about 1/2 ounce a day and getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready. He's also brushing up on skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (it's getting strong!).

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