Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had some mild nausea yesterday but all seems well. I picked up some juice boxes and cereal to help me with the constant eating all day. Seems I get nauseous when I get hungry.

However, I slept GREAT last night. I slept all the way till 8:30 this morning (woke up for a short time when J left and then Cat 1 decided I should be up too). So I'm having a great day energy wise.

I got dinner in the crock pot and I'm getting ready to go to the quilt store. The lady there had advised me how to fold the pillowcases for a charity to sew and between the pregnancy hormones and the exciting past few days I can't remember what she said! (Sorry for the run on sentence).

The hubs is starting to really get the fact that I'm pregnant. It's still really sinking in to the both of us. We also told Steve. But that's about it.

The biggest issue I'm having right now is my skin is breaking out. Also I've got some strange cramping, more like pressure across my lower abdomen. It's weird. I know, just wait till what comes later...

I don't think either of us will really be able to grasp that this is real until I start showing or the first ultrasound, whichever comes first.

Thank you for all of your blessings. I look forward to being able to raise our child in your name. Give me the strength to rely on my husband and to grow this baby healthy. Give us your grace to accept the things that will happen.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Test

After the mishap with the Clearblue Digital, I decided to try First Response Digital. Unfortunately, it doesn't say Pregnant, just Yes+ or No-. So here is today's test. Highly definitive. Even J can't argue it.

Officially Late...

Today is the day I am supposed to start my period and no sign of it. It's starting to really set in.

J is having a hard time believing it so I got him a John Deere onesie and a card to say thank you for being a great husband. And we decided we would confirm everything with a digital test today. Well, no luck there. The hourglass came up then it went blank. So we have no idea what the result was. The company will send new ones out in the mail so I think I will buy a new pack of a DIFFERENT brand today.

It's just frustrating. I was really looking forward to seeing the word "Pregnant" on the screen.

Other than that I'm just peeing every 2 hours like clockwork. I've also realized I have to change my eating habits. I'm so used to eating meals and no snacking. But I've realized lately that I'm stuffing myself at meals because I'm so hungry, so I've decided to eat every few hours instead and have small meals. I hope it helps with the hunger and energy.

I've also developed a runny nose and I'm sneezing often. They say that it's common and I'm not too worried. I'm still sleeping great, except I usually wake up at 6 because I have to go to the bathroom so bad. And for the past few days that's been okay because I've been taking pregnancy tests, but that's gonna get tiring. Hopefully I can learn to go back to sleep after I use the bathroom.

J is handling things well, just rushing to get things in the house finished. I think we're going to have to gut the nursery. There is so much water damage in the drywall and I'm terrified of the mold behind it all.

First official ultrasound is scheduled for November 9th at 3:30. It's crazy because that is J and I's 5 year anniversary of the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. Our ultrasound is actually a little late because I won't be here at the end of October (I'll be in St. Lucia with my mom) so it will actually be more around 10 weeks instead of 8. And then we plan on telling the family at Thanksgiving.

It feels like so long away, however I'm so busy in October that I think that month will fly by and then we just have to get through the few weeks in November. I have a lot to get done by then.

Give us the strength and determination to get all things done that we need to. Give our families the joy that this pregnancy should bring. Thank you for the things we have and everything we can give back to you.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's Test

Barely there. But definitely there. How I feel about being pregnant.


So I took another test this morning. Definitely positive. I can't believe this, I really can't. I don't have any real symptoms, except yesterday I had to pee about every 1.5-2 hours, seriously. Somehow I guess I cut enough fluids because I slept 7 hours, I was so tired by bedtime. And I can feel this every 2 hour bathroom cycle returning. It's been an hour and I'm starting to have to go again.

I ended up telling J last night because he asked and he verified that the test this morning was indeed positive. We're both excited and REALLY nervous. We have so much work to do to get the house ready.

We're planning on telling our families at Thanksgiving. Darrin was our designated to tell person so we called him up just as he got to work this morning to tell him. It again was very surreal.

Rocket and I were on the bed this morning and J said by to the three of us. I can't believe how hard this is hitting me. I guess when I don't get my period tomorrow it will really hit.

Give us the strengh in our marriage to support each other at this time. Let your will happen and give us the strength to be the parents this baby deserves.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

My 25th Birthday

So today is Sunday and it’s also my 25th birthday. I decided to take a pregnancy test this morning expecting it to be negative. And after brushing my teeth I notice there is a second line. It’s difficult to see and barely there, but I know in my heart that I am pregnant. For some reason God told me to test on my birthday (which is crazy early) but there is a line. I got all shaky and nauseous and excited. I haven’t told J. He says he doesn’t want to know right away, besides I want to wait till my period is definitely late. I think he’d be devastated to find out we’re pregnant and then to have it be a chemical pregnancy.

This is all very surreal and I don’t FEEL pregnant. However, if it is true I have a very special way I plan on telling him which probably won’t be until Wednesday or Thursday so you’ll have to wait for the cute story. For some reason the other night I planned out how we’ll tell everyone when the time comes. I guess God just told me it was our turn.

Today has moved at an odd pace. It’s gone quickly however it’s crawling at the same time. I can’t wait to test again tomorrow morning however I’m petrified there will be nothing on the test.

Let your will happen. Give me the strength and the confidence to trust in you and your plan for our lives.